We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

This program offers traditional and nontraditional methods of helping individuals and organizations recognize and achieve a new level of clarity and scope in pursuing their goals and passions.



With 45 years of experience in facilitation of boards, staff, and community groups, I work to help gain insight regarding purposes, missions, and working together toward a common cause.  Borrowing from Carl Jung, Otto Scharmer, Margaret Wheatly, Peter Senge, and applying an advanced understanding of group dynamics, teams and organizations are provided with assistance designed to help them develop a solid and practical course of action.  Together, we uncover blocks and resistances to change and co-develop a mutually acceptable course of action and discovery.


Executive Coaching

Working with CEO’s and C-suite officers, we help individuals identify blocks to leadership, co-examine fears and judgements, and co-discover impactful leadership and communication styles to elicit desired outcomes.


Organizational assessment and cultural transformation

I support Foundations, donors, and organizations by teaching skills and exposing insights to their strengths, and areas for improving impact. I do this through an in-depth organizational review, combined with an examination of staff capabilities and cultural assessments leading to improved organizational impact.


Workshops & Seminars

I offer and conduct nature-based weekend intensives and workshops offering clarity and insight to well-being, higher purpose, impulse control, and mission development. I bring nature into the workshop as a partner in increasing self-awareness, purpose and transformation.


I design and develop innovative and timely workshops in all facets of leadership: well-being, self-care, self-regulation, cultural change and adaptation, stress and work/life balance, impulse control and emotional intelligence. Using natural settings and outdoor environments, I expose participants to quiet reflection and solitude, and provide techniques that aid in self-assessment and discovery of blocks to leadership, purpose and mission.

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