Making a difference,

I have been been a nonprofit executive for many years, working at Baker Ripley and most recently as President and CEO for The Council on Recovery. I hold a Masters degree from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and was recently named as one of the Top 50 Social Workers in the past 50 years, where I served as adjunct faculty focusing on leadership and organizational change.


A 40 plus year career as a non-profit leader, leadership teacher and developer, and CEO has taught me much about success and failure while working with and for diverse populations. Using experience both as a leader and as a community participant, I incorporate cognitive techniques and theory with practical, experiential adult learning. In this way, individuals and organizations are directed toward desired behavioral change.  In addition to traditional organizational methodology, my services use nature, mindfulness, yoga techniques, and group practice with a focus on heart work to allow CEOs and leaders insight into their purpose and passion, and discovery of that which blocks their fullest potential. My goal is to co-create a sustainable, transformational process through a systems assessment of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components.

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